Catchy instrumental piece of Sting’s „The Soul Cages“ album. Cryptic Title. All I know is that St. Agnes is a virgin martyr of the catholic calendar. Lived around the year 250. As far as I know, railway wasn’t invented by then.


Original Key

E minor



Low G 


Tab Notes

Tabbed upon request, with great pleasure and the help of a guitar transcription I found. Challenging to find an appropriate key for the uke. I opted for Gminor and low G, because the character of the piece asks for a contrast of the flickering melody - representing the fire, I suppose - and the ostinato "train" rhythm, which requires a little more bottom. 

I am not so sure about the Am9-7, but that comes quite close to the original sound. I find it is more impressive when you concentrate on the melody playing rather than doing this in plain fingerstyle. Would be nice for a duet. 


January 21 is St. Agnes Day. Enough time to practice. 

St Agnes and the Burning Train.pdf
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