--- and I have to confess, too:  I’m a bass player (rock ’n roll cover trio and concert wind band). This wonderful song doesn’t fit into the program of either, so I have to play it by myself. Was initially planned as part of the „Walking Bass Series“ which I started last year, but I really took a long tíme to finish it. 


Original Key

Fminor (play along with capo on I.)



Regular (I wasted months experimenting with down tunings)


Tab Notes

A bit different from the other tabs. Written with separate voices: stem up is for the melody, stem down is the bass line. I had to slightly change the bass line in some parts, because I wanted a mellow mid-range melody line. Given that, the original bass notes sometimes would wander above the vocal line, which is a no-go to my taste. Three parts: [ A ] is the verse, in two variations, [ B ] the instrumental break after the verse and [ C ] the interlude. 

Tabbed with the help of a songbook. 

Moon over Bourbon Street.pdf
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