Signature tune of Doris Day, written for Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 remake of  „The Man Who Knew Too Much“. Won the Oscar for best song. I read a little about the history of the song. It is hard to believe that it became such a success, since

- Hitchcock didn’t want Doris Day on the set.

- He only accepted because he wanted James Stewart (both had the same agency).

- Doris Day came in as a „package deal“ with Ray Evans and Jay Livingston, the songwriters.

- Doris Day did not like the song and had to be pressured to record it. 

- „Que sera sera“ is neither correct Italian, nor Spanish, nor French translation of „Whatever will be, will be“



Original Key




regular gCEA



Tab Notes 

Slow 3/4 lullaby, calm and easy, no extra finger required. Unfortunately a little to high in the melody to my taste, but this is as low as you can get on the uke in regular tuning - if you agree that the key of C# mayor is not an option.  

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