July 26, 2019


Back from summer leave. Brought with me a new Uke Compilation.

Some movie songs which I like very much.

Gives you lots of stuff to play, since I will be out of here for quite a while.


Have fun and stay tuned. 



June 21, 2019


Introducing the new  FAQ section. 


Drop D Double Dose: 

- Beast of Burden (Guitar, Drop D) 

- Silver Thunderbird (Guitar, Drop D) 



June 12, 2019

Springtime finally. Two tunes that match the weather:

- Azzurro (Guitar) 

- The Peanut Vendor (Ukulele) 

and one more in the  "Classical Corner" .



May 21, 2019

Added some to the  "Classical Corner" . New Uke songs in the making.



April 20, 2019

A new sub-category on this page: The "Classical Corner" for guitarists that would love to explore the dusty part of the fretboard. 



April 15, 2019

 Some more stuff from the archive 


Triple Feature: 

- Where have all the Flowers Gone (Guitar, regular / Drop DG)

- Where have all the Flowers Gone (Ukulele)    



- Oxygen Part IV (Guitar, Drop DG)

- Bookends Theme (Guitar)

- Twist in my Sobriety (Guitar)



- Eternal Flame (Ukulele) 

- Maid of Orleans (Ukulele) 

- St. Louis Blues (Ukulele)



March 02, 2019 is online for almost 5 years now. Thanks to everybody for passing by.

Here is a little anniversary compilation.


- The Fingerstyle Files  


And, since I haven't posted for so long,  some more old time tunes from the archive:


- Swinging Safari (Ukulele)

- Those were the Days (Ukulele)


- Pink Panther Theme (Guitar, regular)

- Good Vibrations (Guitar, regular)



January 06, 2019

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you had a good start. 


We are taking off this year with Milow's beautiful

- Lay Your Worry Down (Uke)


Facebook ?   Twitter ?   LinkedIn ?   Xing ?     None of it, thank you very much. I still have some friends in real life.

Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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