February 21, 2018

 Billy Joel's greatest hit. What a wonderful song.

- Just the way you are (Ukulele)



February 11, 2018

Jungle Book Double Feature: 

- Col. Hathi's March  (Ukulele) 

- My Own Home (Ukulele) 


Other Tunes from this wonderful movie are in some older posts:

- The Monkey Song (Ukulele) 

- The Monkey Song (Guitar)

- Bear Necessities (Ukulele) 

- Bear Necessities (Guitar) 



February 03, 2018

 Long time no requests. Here is one.

- Sixteen Tons (Uke)



February 02, 2018

We are not yet through with the downtuning issue, this is just to give you a break.

Finally another one-pager in regular tuning.

- Dancing in the Dark (Guitar) 



January 17,2018

You maybe think that I am exaggerating this downtuning thing.

Well, if there is one song that really needs a lower pitch, it is this one.  

- Mmmh (Guitar)



January 02,2018 

Happy New Year to all of you!

My New Years Pledge

- Don't Give Up (Ukulele)