July 4, 2017

What else could you post on Independence Day ? This is also the start of a sequence of tabs in this wonderful tuning.  

- Stars and Stripes Forever (Guitar, Drop DG) 


July 1, 2017

A little compilation of Johnny Cash songs 

- Cash on Uke Booklet (Ukulele)


June 28, 2017

This is from my archive. Long forgotten, but still worth posting. 

- Midnight in Moscow (Guitar)


June 18, 2017

One of the most popular tunes in this collection for the other instrument. so I thought I’d uke it too. 

- True Colours (Ukulele) 


June 12, 2017

One more from the movies. From „Monsters, Inc.“, tabbed upon request with the help of a lead sheet. 

- If I didn't have you (Ukulele, Low G)


June 10, 2017

Another wonderful movie-theme 

- Driving Miss Daisy (Guitar)


June 05, 2017

Perfect uke stuff

- Love is the seventh wave (Ukulele)


June 02, 2017

Heard this recently and couldn't get it out of my head. 

- Follow Me (Ukulele)


May 20, 2017

Here comes another request

- Bella Ciao (Ukulele) 


May 07, 2017

Today is the birthday of Johannes Brahms, one of the most influental composers in my country.

Here is a double  feature of one of his well-known pieces

- Hungarian Dance #5 (Ukulele Low G)

- Hungarian Dance #5 (Guitar)  


May 02, 2017

Every now and then, the folkie side of me shines through.

- The Ballad of Mary Hamilton (Ukulele Low G) 


April 20, 2017

At my age, you rather fall in love with the shape of ukes, however, here comes your request.

- Shape of You (Ukulele, Low G)


April 17, 2017

Something I fiddled  around with over Easter. A good friend encouraged me to try that strange DADGAD tuning.

Offers a completely new range of sounds on the axe. 

- Out on the Western Plain (Guitar)


April 11, 2017

Long time no guitar stuff. Here comes one I am particularly proud of, since it seems not really suitable for fingerstyle at first glance.

But good music works in every style. 

- Heard it through the Grapevine (Guitar) 


April 09, 2017

Just had a week off and found the time to scribble down two requests. 

- Bubbly (Ukulele Low G)

- Island in the Sun (Ukulele) 


March 28, 2017

This million-seller was recorded exactly 50 years ago on March 28, 1967:

- Brown Eyed Girl (Ukulele Low G)  


March 18, 2017

Did I ever mention that Glam Rock was my first love?

- My Friend Stan (Ukulele)


March 09, 2017

Today is World Popcorn Day. Really. 

- Popcorn (Ukulele Low G)


March 05, 2017

Queen again

- Don't stop me now (Guitar)  


February 19, 2017

A little tricky, but very slow:

- Smoke gets in your Eyes (Ukulele)


February 10, 2017

Bringing you some sunshine in this long winter.

- In the Summertime (Ukulele) 


February 04, 2017

Wonderful early 70's. This song never grows old.  

- Big Yellow Taxi (Ukulele)


January 28, 2017

Desree’s chart breaker from 1995. 

- You gotta Be (Guitar)


January 22, 2017

Blues #9

Final song of our little Blues session

- San Francisco Bay Blues (Ukulele)


January 20, 2017

Blues #8

Blues only by the name. Rather a drinking ballad

- Tom Traubert's Blues | Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen (Guitar)


January 15, 2017

Blues #7

Just the right song for a grey winter sunday afternoon 

- Melancholy Blues (Guitar


January 12, 2017

- Bluesbreak - 

Hans Zimmer’s main theme of the fantastic movie Rain Main, also known as „Leaving Wallbrook / On the Road“.

- Rain Man Theme (Guitar)


January 09, 2017

Blues #6

Some more drug abuse glorification. 

- Cocaine Blues (Guitar)

- Cocaine Blues (Ukulele, Low G)


January 06, 2017

Blues #5

Something I made up a long time ago but never wrote down. 

- Cocaine (Guitar)


January 03, 2017

Blues #4

Starting the new year with a double feature of a real nice ragtime-folk-blues standard. 

- Careless Love (Guitar) 

- Careless Love (Ukulele)