Oh my, not another boring fingerstyle tab page .....


Don't worry, this is site is completely tutorial-free. No twenty minute "put your first finger on the second fret of the third string and then .... " videos. Even better, no videos at all. If I wanted to see myself play, I would sit in front of the mirror. 


One more word on the video issue: I am asked very often if have videos or soundfiles of the songs I post. Sorry, the answer is no. I just don’t see a point in recording myself, to me that is a waste of time. What’s more, for almost every song there are numerous ways to play it. The tab sheets I make up are not trying to perfectly replicate the original song - they just help me to memorize the music.  If you are a learner, I would really encourage you to listen (not watch !) to the tune you want to play, try to catch the essentials of it and then sit back in a quiet place with your instrument and use the tab sheet as a framework to develop your own version.   


So, this is not a ukulele / guitar teaching site. There are already some very good and uncountable not-so-brilliant instruction resources on the web. I just want to provide a source of tabbed fingerstyle instrumentals for ukulele addicts and guitar enthusiasts. Stuff you do not find everywhere else. No Stairway to Heaven. Some friends of mine like my tab archive and proposed to share it with a greater community. So why not? All you need to know is how to read tabulatures.


The reasons I started writing my own tab sheets are that

- most tabs I find just ugly to look at.

- some tabs are simply too long (five pages for a pop song? come on!)

- some tabs unnecessarily ask for finger acrobatics, while a simple key

  change or some minor simplification (aka cheat) does the same job with less effort.


Enough said, I hope you like the stuff you find here.  


Keep Picking,