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The 2019 Christmas present from my younger daughter was a DVD of "Yesterday". A really nice movie with a strange plot: Nobody could remember the Beatles anymore. To not make that happen again, I saved at least some of their  material. 




Lady Madonna
Eleanor Rigby
I've just seen a Face
Norwegian Wood

The Long and Winding Road

While my Guitar gently weeps

Octopus's Garden

Here comes the Sun
The Fool on the Hill *
Come Together *
For No One *
Hey Jude *
In my Life *
Michelle *
Strawberry Fields Forever *
When I'm 64 *


* updated / reworked versions that were already included on the website

Old School Fingertwisters.pdf
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A collection of some tunes made great by the masters of fingerstyle guitar. Or zither, respectively. 




Anji (Davey Graham) 
Black Mountain Rag (trad.)
Classical Gas (Dave Mason)

St. Agnes and the Burning Train (Sting)

Willoughby's Farm (Ralph Mc Tell) 

Zorba the Greek (Mikis Theodorakis) 

Struttin' (Jerry Reid) 
Le Derviche Tourneur (Marcel Dadi) *
Harry Lime Theme (Anton Karas) *
I'll see you in my Dreams (Isham Jones) *
Little Martha (Duane Allman) *
Das Loch in der Banane (Gerd Weiland) *
Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard) *
Penny for your Thoughts (Peter Frampton) *
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) *
Whispering (Coburn/Rose/Schoenberger) *
Windy and Warm (John D. Loudermilk) * 


* updated / reworked versions that were already included on the website

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