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Now what is this again?

I receive quite some e-mails, and I love to answer every single one. However, lately I am heavily busy in my daytime job. You can tell by the recent posting frequency of new stuff. So answering your mails might take some time. And I do not want to keep you waiting for too long. So I looked at my inbox archive and I found that some questions keep repeating.  I have listed the top questions and answers below.



1. Which software do you use to write your tabs?

I use different ones, see here:  Making of


2. Which type of ukulele / guitar do you play?

See here: Gear


3. Can you make a living of this website? 

Very funny. See next question. 


4. Do you take donations?

Yes of course. Unfortunately, still the provider fees exceed the incoming donations. If you want to support free content, there is a link to my PayPal account at the bottom of every page, right underneath that green button. Give it a click ! 


5. Do you have videos or soundfiles of the songs?



6. Why not?

See here:  Home


7. Hello... my name is ... marketing department of ...  offer you a phantastic business opportunity ... place advertisement on your brillant site?  

Bugger off. 


8. Do you take song requests?

Yes of course. But I am quite picky on that issue. Mainly there are three prerequisites to consider a request:

a. I must like the song requested.

b. It must be playable. For me, in the first line. 

c. You must be younger than, lets say, 75. If you are not, I can not promise that your request will be finished during your remaining lifetime.

But seriously: Keep your requests coming, I will see what can do. Some of my favourite tunes (like "Farewell to Stromness") evolved from your requests.  


9. Stairway to Heaven? 

No, rather Highway to Hell. 


10. Can you teach me how to ... ? 

Sorry, another no. First, I would be a lousy teacher. Second, I am fully occupied with learning that stuff myself. 


11. This song is too difficult. How do I ... ? 



12. Down-tuning details disclosed ?    

Sorry, it is not always explained in the song notes. The most common down-tunings are (from low to high strings) 

Drop D               DADgbe     (only low E-string tuned down to D) 

Drop DG            DGDgbe     (low E-string tuned down to D, A-string tuned down to G)  

Drop CG            CGDgbe      (low E-string tuned down to C, A-string tuned down to G) 

Drop G               EGDgbe      (only A-string tuned down to G) 

Open D              DADf#ad    (both E-strings tuned down one step to D, g-string tuned down to f#. b-string tuned down to a)

Open G              DGDgbd.    (both E-strings tuned down one step to D, A-string tuned down to G)


13. Your website is full of boring mainstream stuff. Why don't you come up with something more sophisticated?

You are right, it's just a load of silly love songs. I will do some more. 


14. The link to "......" doesn't work but leads me to "....".

When reorganizing the site structure I had to relink every sub-page manually, and obviously made some mistakes. Write me a note via the "Contact" button and I will fix it immediately. 


15. You did not answer my e-mail. 

There can be two reasons for that:

a. I probably did not answer it yet, but I will respond as soon as I find a quiet minute.

b. I appreciate a minimum of communication courtesy. Messages like "this tab is bullshit" or "make a tab of xyz" are moved  to the trash immediately.

    Simply add one of the four terms: "hi" / "hello" / "please" / "thanks" . Do I expect too much?


16. Hello... my name is ... . We found that your website contains some code-errors and offer you a completely cost-free analysis to optimize google-hits and maximize your profit.  

see answer 7.



Facebook ?   Twitter ?   LinkedIn ?   Xing ?  Instagram ?    None of it, thank you very much. I still have some friends in real life.

Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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