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Some visitors of my page have asked which software I use to produce my tab sheets. Here is how.


1.   The music is brought to paper with a pen, just  a rough sketch (chords, licks, moves, fingering, etc.)


2.   When I have a basic idea of how to play the piece, I transcribe it using Musescore, a powerful tool.  And then I work it out,

      play around with it,  try different voicings etc.  In this early stage, it looks like this:

3.   When it finally sounds ok , I print it into a PostScript file, which I open in Adobe Illustrator and replace fonts,  

      adjust line thickness, lengthen stem lines etc.. Finished in Adobe Illustrator, it looks like this:

4.   After that, I open a prefabricated template file in Adobe InDesign, import the ai. file and do the final 

      typesetting, add song title,writer as well as some remarks and performance notes,  if necessary.

5.   Finally, I export the file as pdf for your pleasure. Ready.



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