Just returned from the wedding party of a very old friend, where I was busking a little. In a break, the bride asked me if I remember how I used to nickname her (twenty years ago) and if I could play that particular song for her. Hell. I just couldn't recall the tune. A good reason to write it down.
"Honey Pie" is definitely Paul. A bow to the vaudeville style piano music he grew up with. Makes a nice fingerstyle ragtime. 


Original Key






Tab Notes

The ab lib "working girl"sequence is left out here, the tab starts a-tempo with an intro I have adapted from another arrangement. Part A is almost completely played in F-shape barre chords with the pinky playing the melody notes. The two chromatic themes in bars 5 and 6 of the [B] part are played as slides. That is almost everything worth mentioning. 


Honey Pie_v2.pdf
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