Hell of a song, written by Klaus Badelt. Powerful no-fuss orchestration. I just love this theme. No way to come close to the brute force of the film score with our tiny little four string plaything. But it also sounds nice for me on the uke. And it is a good up-tempo etude. Have a try.   


Original Key

D minor



Tab Notes 

Not so easy, but chordwise quite simple. The arrangement here is made with the help of a guitar tab sheet I found on the internet (www.guitarnick.com/pirates-of-the-caribbean-fingerstyle-guitar.html) and transposed to A minor for a good balance of melody and „bass“ (well…).

If you wonder about some not so common fingerings: I find it important to let the notes ring into each other wherever possible and make use of the re-entrant tuning. Also, with the high tempo, I tried to choose finger positions to get prepared for the following chord. 

He's a Pirate.pdf
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