A beautiful mandolin theme, title track of John Hiatt’s mainly acoustic album from 2000.


Original Key

A major



re-entrant gCEA


Tab Notes

Been playing this tune ever since I got the record, but writing it down really gave me a headache. It has a steady beat throughout, but when you count it out, it seems that there are permanent time changes. I am not really sure about the timing, but the tab is as close as I can make it. Also, the melody sometimes is hidden in the fillers, so better listen to the original song before trying the tab. Some accentuations during the picking pattern are strummed.  


The original sequence is  intro / instrumental break  [ A ], verse [ B ] twice, chorus [ C ]. All that is repeated three times, with only one verse in the last cycle. 

Crossing Muddy Waters.pdf
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