Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)


This one has been on my list for long, but I didn't find the time to write it down properly. First heard it in a breathtaking live version of Bonnie Raitt and recently got the beautiful Alison Krauss album “Paper Airplane” with another absolutely wonderful cover of it.
(Deni, vielen Dank! Dalääftderswarmesbaascherunner!)



Dropped DG (DGDghe)


Original Key

G# (Chris Thompson / Bonnie Raitt live)

G (Alison Krauss)


Tab Notes

Completely tabbed by ear from the Alison Krauss record (which is constantly running on my iPod these days, during 2014 summer vacation). So, in advance I apologize for any mistakes contained, but it sounds fine for me.

The alternating bass must not be played throughout, this is just noted for orientation. Rather than a straight alternating bass some arpeggios here and there sound nice.

Dimming of the Day_v2.pdf
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