Les Champs-Elysées (Joe Dassin)

About the Song

This is considered a signature tune for the French savoir-vivre. In fact, it was initially titled "Oh Waterloo Road", written by Mike Wilsh and Mike Deighan (both Englishmen) and made famous by Joe Dassin (an American expatriate living in Paris). Caution: This song will refuse to get out of your head. Light-hearted 70's feeling with nice turnarounds, not all of them tabbed. Also covered by my favourite football-team Kickers Offenbach. 


Original Key




Regular  gCEA (should also work with low G)


Tab Notes

Really not much to say about. Simply a very nice song that works well on the ukulele. Timing is only roughly correct. But since I assume you know the song, you will get along.  


"Oh, Schorsch is des schee !"

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