Menina ÉStas à Janela (VITORino)


A beautiful popular portuguese tune in the version of Vitorino. Kind of a student hymn which everybody knows in Lusitania and which is usually sang polyphonic. If you do not know it, check it out and believe me for once, it is really worth it. I loved it from the start. My good friend Se João Cardoso taught me to play this (How are you ? Did not hear from you for ages !!). Some thirty years ago we used to play this on the beaches of the Alentejo. 


Dropped D (DADghe)

Original Key

no idea

Tab Notes

If you are not familiar with the song, it is recommendable to listen to it first to get a feeling for the melody and the very special character. Some very nice chromatic movements (D - Eb - Em). Technically not very challenging.

Menina éstas à Janela_v2.pdf
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