December 17, 2016 - CHRISTMAS POST

I am neither into jazz nor deeply into religion, but this is definitely one of the most soulful and solemn pieces I ever heard. 

- The Lord is listening to ya (Ukulele Low G) 


And a little collection of Deutsche Weihnachtsmelodien  (Ukulele, will keep adding up some more next year ) 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you !



December 16, 2016

Blues #3

One more week till Christmas. However, another GuitarGod - Billy Gibbons - was born today 67 years ago.

Here's my poor attempt on

- Asleep in the desert (Guitar)   


December 14, 2016

- Thinking out Loud (Ukulele)


December 12, 2016

Blues #2

- You know I'm no Good (Guitar)


December 07, 2016 

Blues #1

Start of a litte series of bluesy tunes (beyond the 12-bar standards)

Mainly - but not exclusively - for guitar. 

- Georgia on my mind (Guitar)


December 01, 2016 

Winter drabness again.

- I'll Follow the Sun (Ukulele)


November 23, 2016 

Happy Thanksgiving, America 

- Alice's Restaurant (Guitar)


November 20, 2016 


- Gerdundula (Ukulula)


November 14, 2016 


- Paper Plane (Ukulele Low G)


November 10, 2016 


Down the Dustpipe (Ukulele)


November 06, 2016 


On the occasion of the fourth and final farewell tour of a Rock and Roll institution.

They ain’t gonna work, they ain’t gonna work no more. Enjoy retirement, Status Quo. I will miss you. 

OK, if you want to be considered a serious musician, hide your Quo records in the cellar.

Among the so-called experts, the highest level of appreciation you might hear is „Oh, some of their early stuff was not so bad“.

You know what?  Leave me alone and count chords. I always loved the guys, they never wanted to be more than a good time Rock’n Roll band. 

And they were. Most of their songs still make my head nod and my feet tap. So, welcome to my little "Uquolele" series. 

- Softer Ride (Ukulele Low G / Air Guitar)


 October 28, 2016

Long time no double feature. Here is Tracey Chapman's heartfelt ballad 

- Baby can I hold you tonight (Guitar, Drop D)  

- Baby can I hold you tonight (Ukulele, Low G)  


October 18, 2016

... and I always thought my pronunciation was lousy....

- Israelites (Ukulele, Low G)


October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Nana Mouskouri !

- Weiße Rosen aus Athen | White Rose of Athens (Ukulele) 


October 12, 2016 

Congratulations, Sir Roderick. 

- You're in my Heart (Ukulele)


October 04, 2016

Started another round of updates, mainly for graphical reasons and minor corrections:

- Let Her Go (Ukulele) - by far the most popular tune in the Uke section.

- Always on my Mind (Ukulele) 

- 74 - 75 (Ukulele)


New stuff to follow soon. 


September 25, 2016

Unbelievable, but according to my download statistics this tune is one of the most popular guitar tabs. High time to update it. Simplified the beginning of the chorus (nobody will notice the missing root note, an open D-string is just as fine, and much easier to play).

- True Colors (Guitar)


And .....some more easy listening stuff from "Selected Silly Love Songs" series. Cheesy but just great. 

- Count on Me (Ukulele)


September 18, 2016

 TV - Tunes #5

- Muppets Show Theme (Ukulele)


September 17, 2016

 TV - Tunes #4

- M*A*S*H* Theme - Suicide is Painless (Guitar)  


September 07, 2016

TV - Tunes #3

If you are under 40, you probably will not know this one.

- Rockford Files Theme (Guitar)


September 04, 2016

TV - Tunes #2

Heute mal wieder was in Deutsch: Fernsehmusik von ganz früher. Ein kleines Heftchen mit 18 Titelmelodien von Kinderserien. 

(A tiny collection of  Kids-TV-Tunes, in German.) 

- Kinderkram für Ukulele


September 03, 2016

TV - Tunes #1

Start of a new series of songs from TV-series, from the time when content was longer than the commercial breaks.  

Here is one I almost forgot. How could I, it is wonderful !

- Catweazle (Ukulele)


August 29, 2016

The long promised third and final part of the Crowded House trilogy. Unfortunately impossible to play on the Uke. 

Hence tabbed for the other wonderful instrument.

- Don't dream its over (Guitar)


August 23, 2016

Latin #7

Hi everybody, hope you had a wonderful Summertime.

I still do not master the Moonlight Sonata, but I tried Moonflower. Here it is:

- Flor d'Luna / Moonflower (Guitar)


July 13, 2016

Summer break at Fingerstyle Rules. Leaving for vacation with some tough challenges for you (and me). 

I'll be back end of August with some more Latin stuff, a Blues series and some old-school TV themes. 

- Moonlight Sonata (Guitar)

- Peer Gynt Suite Fragments (Ukulele Low G)


Have a good time and keep on picking.


July 04, 2016

Latin #6

- La Cumparsita (Guitar) 


June 29, 2016

Upon multiple request:

- The Bare Necessities (Ukulele) 


June 26, 2016

Latin #5

Another Bossa Nova

- Wave (Guitar)


June 22, 2016

Latin #4

Upon request, an older post in Low G version. Much easier now. 

- Lambada (Ukulele Low G) 


and also for Guitar, Regular Tuning 

- Lambada (Guitar) 


June 14, 2016

Latin #3

- Sway / Quien Sera? (Ukulele)


June 06, 2016

Latin #2

- Manha da Carnaval (Guitar)


May 29, 2016

Latin #1

Summer is slowly sneeking around the corner, so I thought of starting a little sequence with three or four

sunny latin-american tunes. Don’t worry, no Garota de Ipanema.

- Besame Mucho (Guitar)

- Besame Mucho (Ukulele Low G)


May 26, 2016

This song is so wonderful, I just had to uke it. Already in the guitar section.

- La Vie en Rose (Ukulele) 

- La Vie en Rose (Guitar - new version with minor corrections)


May 22, 2016

Two very famous songs by John Kander:

- Theme from New York, New York (Guitar)

- Cabaret (Guitar)


May 16, 2016

Another Billy Joel song:

- Uptown Girl (Ukulele) 


May 15, 2016

Rain .. Rain .. Rain ... 

- Deep River Blues (Guitar)


May 09, 2016

Happy Birthday Billy Joel!

- River of Dreams (Ukulele)

- She's always a Woman to me (Guitar) 


May 05, 2016

Confessions of a tortured soul .... 

- Moon over Bourbon Street (Guitar)


May 02, 2016

Added a fingerstyle version of an older tune, which so far was only available as a single note theme.

- Mexican Hat Dance (Ukulele Low G)


April 30, 2016

Look, Mama, no drums.

- That's Alright (Mama) (Guitar)

- That's Alright (Mama) (Ukulele)


April 28, 2016

A new version of one of the first Ukulele songs I posted. Now in the key of G

- Downtown (Ukulele)


April 27, 2016

First Lily tune for the Uke section (after "Lily was here"  and "Lily of the Valley" for  the guitar). Must be a real inspiring girls name.   

- Lili Marleen (Ukulele)


April 22, 2016

- Gimme Hope Jo'anna (Ukulele)


April 17, 2016

 The Knopfler Files #5

... and last one  for the time being.

- Brothers in Arms (Guitar) 


April 16, 2016

Another landmark jazz standard, not so often heard in fingerstyle repertoires. 

- St. Thomas (Guitar)

- St. Thomas (Ukulele, Low G)


April 13, 2016

Just some guitar tab updates (mainly layout, minor corrections):

- Somewhere my love

- La Vie en Rose

- Summertime

- Bolero (Main Theme)


April 12, 2016

 The Knopfler Files #4

- Why Worry (Guitar)


April 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning at Fingerstyle Rules !!

I hope you like the new layout, since it saves you some scrolling. I closed down the Guestbook (thanks to the 0,000475% of the visitors who contributed !)

Further, I will cancel the Previews (... by now you should know how the stuff looks like). But some things never change: I still don't do videos. And I still appreciate donations... 


... and, on the occasion of celebrating the new layout, a wonderful little swing standard 

- Bei mir bist du schoen (Ukulele)


March 30, 2016

The Knopfler Files #3

Yes, you can play that in fingerstyle !

- Your Latest Trick (Guitar)


March 24, 2016

 A sad song for this weird world.

- Si (Ukulele)


March 22, 2016

Another fingerstyle classic today

- Borsalino Theme (Guitar)


March 16, 2016

The Knopfler Files #2

"And what have you got at the end of the day ?"

Well, at least another tab sheet.

- Private Investigations Intro (Guitar)


March 12, 2016

Today, I am happy to post an outstanding tune from an outstanding musician. One of my guitar heroes, Mark Knopfler (ranking second in my personal Hall of Fame, right behind Rory Gallagher). It is the instrumental theme from the "Local Hero" movie, coming in a double feature:

- Going Home (Guitar, Drop DG)

- Going Home (Ukulele, Low G)


The ukulele tab was requested by Grumpy, hope you like it.

Writing this down was so much fun to me, that I will start a little series with Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits pieces (sorry uke players, those will be mainly for the other instrument).   


March 06, 2016

World Fingerstyle Tab Premiere ... I think 

- King of Pain (Guitar)


March 02, 2016

Alternatively, play Ukulele

- Moves Like Jagger (Ukulele)


February 21, 2016

Going cheesy again

- Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Ukulele)


February 17, 2016

Probably you don’t know the song title, but you definitely know the wonderful melody of the chorus. 

- Sous le Ciel de Paris (Ukulele LowG)


February 13, 2016 

Valentine's Day tomorrow. Not that I would care much, but if you really want to make a fool of yourself and play a song to your girl, here is the ultimate choice. By the way, this website is full of silly lovesongs. I love lovesongs.  

- Killing me Softly  (Guitar)


February 13, 2016

Thanks to a kind message from Christian, I took a second look on "Les Champs Élyseés". That sheet was full of mistakes. I wonder how many glasses I had when I wrote that down. Shame on me. It's updated now and sounds much better. No free-jazz harmonies anymore. And while I was at it, I have also added some fillers and triplets.

- Les Champs Élyseés_v2 (Ukulele) 


February 09, 2016

Upon request:

- Dona Dona (Ukulele) 


February 04, 2016

Says Franz: "We call it a classic"

- Great Dream from Heaven (Guitar)


January 30, 2016

A beautiful melody, reminding me a little of "Here's to you" which I posted recently. Requested by Tuan from Vietnam. 

- L'amour best bleu / Love is Blue (Ukulele)


January 30, 2016

Walking Bass Feature #8

One of my first fingerstyle pieces. 

- Freight Train (Guitar)


January 27, 2016

Walking Bass Feature #7

Must not always be jazz or blues. On the occasion of the recent super-hype.

- Star Wars Main Theme (Guitar)  


January 24, 2016

Never been there. 

- Budapest (Ukulele Low G)


January 18, 2016

Here's to you a wonderful melody. 

- Here's to you (Ukulele)


January 17, 2016

There are definitely not enough Dylan songs on this website.

- I'll be your baby tonight (Ukulele Low G)


January 15, 2016

Sometimes requests seem to be really urgent.

- Island Style (Ukulele)


January 10, 2016

- Lily was here (Guitar) 


January 08, 2016

Added the missing pages 2 and 3 of As Time Goes By. Why didn't anybody tell me ?


January 07, 2016

- I'll Fly Away (Ukulele, Low G)


January 05, 2016

Walking Bass Feature #6

Nothing new, just updated one of my favs graphically. 

- I'll See You in my Dreams (Guitar)


January 04, 2016

Walking Bass Feature #5

- Step it up and go (Guitar)

 And here is a version for the Ukulele

- Step it up and go (Ukulele Low G)


January 02, 2016

Happy New Year 20 16. Tons of love, luck and music for all of you !



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