Leitmotif of the film Casablanca, of course. Wonderful memorable lines. But (as you know) nobody in the film said „Play it again, Sam.“

Interesting timing. Even though in 4/4 measure, the feel of the song is more of a 6/8 timing to me. Dooley „Sam“ Wilson, who performed the song in the film, was a drummer in real life. Maybe that explains the confusion with the timing (haha). In the film he only mimicked the piano-playing.


Some unevaluated claims from the web: The tune is much older, it was written 1931 for the long forgotten Broadway musical „Everybody’s Welcome“.  |  In the film Casablanca, the song was initially to be replaced by a Max Steiner composition, who scored the rest of the movie. But Ingmar Bergman was not available for a re-shoot (good girl).  |  Dooley Wilson did not record the song at the time because the musicians were on strike (!!). 

„Original Published Key“




Tab Notes

The tab sheet includes the opening verse [ A ] which is not performed in the movie. Mind the triplet feel“and play with expression. I know that the "official" opening chord of the chorus [ B ] is Bm, but I prefer a plain D mayor here. The trickiest part of the fingering is in the second bar of the bridge [ C ], when the pinky will have to stretch to the 6th fret on b-string. The rest is intermediate and should cause no problem. 

"The fundamental things apply as time goes by" (Sam)

"I agree: A major , E major, and D major" (me)

As Time Goes By_v3.pdf
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