December 26, 2014

A true new year song and, once I was at it, some more  "classical" stuff

- Radetzky March (Ukulele)

- Can-Can (Ukulele)

- Minuet in G (Ukulele) 


December 23, 2014

Something I have on my list for long, posted for a sad reason. A tribute to Austrian singer Udo Jürgens (in German, for a change)

- Griechischer Wein (Ukulele) 


December 20, 2014

Here comes a special request from a young Scotsman. He has great plans with this one: 

- Farewell to Stromness (Ukulele. Low G) 


December 12, 2014

Christmas countdown running. Received some wishlists and am happy to deliver a few requests before the annual year-end stress becomes too much 

- Jambalya (Ukulele)

- Killing me Softly (Ukulele)

- For the Longest Time (Ukulele)

... and please note that little green rectangle on the bottom of  every page ... 


Not a request, but I felt I neglected the guitar section a little bit recently. Here is a fine George Michael tune. Far better then "Last Christmas" (ok, that one is not hard to beat): 

- Careless Whisper (Guitar)


December 08, 2014

Today, December 08, is a sad day. John Lennon was killed 34 years ago. The first rockstar death that really touched me emotionally. Here are some of his phantastic and outstanding works.

- Norwegian Wood / You’ve got to hide your love away (Ukulele)

- In my Life (Guitar)

- Imagine (Guitar) 


November 28, 2014

Two new songs that have a lot in common: Both written by blondes and both in the key of F.

- Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Ukulele)

- Heart of Glass (Ukulele) 


November 23, 2014

Found two little mistakes in the fingering of Tico Tico. Not severe, but easier to play now. Updated Tab is online. Sorry.


November 22, 2014

Here are some light-hearted easy up-tempo tunes to fight November depression: 

- Sailor's Hornpipe (Ukulele, Low G)

- Pippi Langstrumpf Theme (Ukulele)

- Lambada (Ukulele) 


November 16, 2014

Christmas approaching unexpectedly as every year. High time to get prepared.

Unfortunately, here in Germany, christmas songs have to be hymnic and solemn.  I think the repertoire hasn’t been updated in the last 200 years. Gets boring sometimes. So here are two of my favorites:

- Merry Xmas Evrybody (Ukulele)

- Stop the Cavalry (Ukulele)


And some miscellaneous easy songs:

- La Rotta (Ukulele)

- La Rotta (same thing, for Guitar) 

- Die Gedanken sind frei (Ukulele) 


November 04, 2014

Rainy and dark November evenings. No football on TV. Perfect for some tab-writing.  Brought to paper some more of those half-ready tunes: 

- Scarborough Fair (Ukulele, Low G)

- Never Going back Again (Ukulele, Low G)

- Mr. Sandman (Ukulele)

- Right Here Waiting (Ukulele)

- Englishman in New York (Guitar)


October 31, 2014

One week off with my family and my uke in the countryside. Lots of spare time I used to do the „Italian Job“. I wrote down some really wonderful tunes from Bella Italia. Beautiful cities, wonderful food, breathtaking landscapes, phantastic ukulele strings. If only their football was better. Here are

- Santa Lucia

- La Donna é mobile

- O Sole Mio


I also took with me some uncompleted scribbles which I started long ago, but put aside for various reasons (got stuck, lack of time, lack of ideas, etc.). Got some of them finalized: 

- The Riddle (Nik Kershaw)

- Milord (Edith Piaf) 

- He’s A Pirate (Movie Theme) 

- Honey Pie (Beatles) 


October 21, 2014 

Hey, I finally found a way to work around the layout restrictions of my tabbing software. Maybe I will rework and replace some of the old tab sheets .

And added three new songs:

- Puttin on the Ritz (Guitar)

- Groovy Kind of Love (Ukulele)

- Tico Tico (Ukulele - my new favorite)


October 13, 2014

Received a number of very encouraging comments via e-mail, and also a number of ideas for improvement. Thanks for both.  

  1. One issue is the navigation on the site and finding the tab sheets. I admit this is a little inconvenient. This website is built on a design-template offered by my provider, it is almost tailor-made for my purposes. Initially the tabs were listed directly on the Ukulele Tabs / Guitar Tabs page, but with growing content, the side bar just became too long. So I had to create these alphabetical index sub-pages. That is almost ok, with the one downside that there is no complete overview of the content. Well, there is - hidden at the very bottom of every page: For a quick summary of what's on, use the Sitemap link.
  2. "Regular" visitors ask where they can find newly uploaded tab sheets, without having to go through the entire page. The answer is: Nowhere yet. In the future, I will announce new uploads on this "News" page. 
  3. I was asked if tab requests are possible. I cannot promise, but give it a try via the Contact Form. If I know the tune and it is halfway playable, there is a good chance that I already have it scribbled down somewhere. In any case it will need time. Long time. 
  4. So you find this is a selection of cheesy love songs. You are absolutely right. I will do some more.  

September 26, 2014

Finally put this thing online. Very much appreciating your feedback. 


June 22, 2014

Started this project.

Facebook ?   Twitter ?   LinkedIn ?   Xing ?  Instagram ?    None of it, thank you very much. I still have some friends in real life.

Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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