December 15, 2019


Her comes the annual Christmas tune.


- Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (Ukulele Low G)  



November 29, 2019


New entry in the classical corner. From Beethovens Piano Sonata No.11, K. 331.

Quite a challenge, but very rewarding. Includes only the well-known parts. That third movement is unplayable for me.  


-Rondo alla Turka (Guitar)  



September 23, 2019


Heard it recently on the radio. There were times when it was blasted out in every club, bar and restaurant and you just couldn't avoid it.

Made me sick. With some years of acoustic absence, I like it much better. 


- Somebody that I used to know (Ukulele Low G)



July 26, 2019


Back from summer leave. Brought with me a new Uke Compilation.

Some movie songs which I like very much.

Gives you lots of stuff to play, since I will be out of here for quite a while.


Have fun and stay tuned. 



June 21, 2019


Introducing the new  FAQ section. 


Drop D Double Dose: 

- Beast of Burden (Guitar, Drop D) 

- Silver Thunderbird (Guitar, Drop D) 



June 12, 2019

Springtime finally. Two tunes that match the weather:

- Azzurro (Guitar) 

- The Peanut Vendor (Ukulele) 

and one more in the  "Classical Corner" .



May 21, 2019

Added some to the  "Classical Corner" . New Uke songs in the making.



April 20, 2019

A new sub-category on this page: The "Classical Corner" for guitarists that would love to explore the dusty part of the fretboard. 



April 15, 2019

 Some more stuff from the archive 


Triple Feature: 

- Where have all the Flowers Gone (Guitar, regular / Drop DG)

- Where have all the Flowers Gone (Ukulele)    



- Oxygen Part IV (Guitar, Drop DG)

- Bookends Theme (Guitar)

- Twist in my Sobriety (Guitar)



- Eternal Flame (Ukulele) 

- Maid of Orleans (Ukulele) 

- St. Louis Blues (Ukulele)



March 02, 2019

Fingerstyle-Rules.de is online for almost 5 years now. Thanks to everybody for passing by.

Here is a little anniversary compilation.


- The Fingerstyle Files  


And, since I haven't posted for so long,  some more old time tunes from the archive:


- Swinging Safari (Ukulele)

- Those were the Days (Ukulele)


- Pink Panther Theme (Guitar, regular)

- Good Vibrations (Guitar, regular)



January 06, 2019

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you had a good start. 


We are taking off this year with Milow's beautiful

- Lay Your Worry Down (Uke)


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Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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