December 22, 2018

Oooops ... I almost forgot the annual Christmas Song:

- White Christmas (Uke. Low G)


And upon multiple request, the last Queen song for this century, a real challenge: 

- You Take my Breath away (Guitar, regular) 


Merry Christmas to you all !!


December 20, 2018

It's been a busy year and I am happy it comes to an end. Here s a song that means a lot to me:

- Turn Turn Turn (Ukulele Low G) 



November 22, 2018

Strange things going on on this website. Since the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, 

downloads of my Queen tabs go through the roof. Before that, they were left mostly unnoticed.

A pity that just being brillant (Queen, not me) doesn’t seem to be enough. 

However, I am happy about the clicks and I hope that you do not bother that I try to link two things which 

do not go very well go together: Keeping it simple and trying to play Queen. 

That reminded me that I have another yet unposted guitar piece in my drawer for a long time:

- Love of my Life (Guitar, regular tuning) 



November 11, 2018

 Long time no Double Feature. Here is Toto's 

- Africa for Ukulele 

- Africa for Guitar (believe it or not, in regular tuning) 



October 22, 2018

A real classic today.

- St. James Infirmary (Guitar) 



October 07, 2018

Some say this dropped down stuff all sounds the same. Definitely.

Here are two fine examples to prove that  :-) 

- Sweet Child o Mine (Guitar Dropped DG) 

- The Entertainer (Guitar Dropped DG) 



September 30, 2018

I uploaded another little booklet on the "UKULELE COMPILATIONS" page.

Maybe all you ABBA fans out there will like it. 



September 09, 2018

The song that broke almost every record you can think of.

Stay down-tuned

- Dancing Queen (Guitar, Drop D)


And a request:

- Sign of the Times (Ukulele) 



August 30, 2018

"Three chords good, two chords better"(Fingerstyle Farm)

- Albatross (Guitar Drop D)



August 28, 2018

Got up quite early today ...

- Sunrise (Ukulele)



August 25, 2018

 Two old-school-love songs I love to play but never wrote them down properly

- Jesse (Janis Ian, Guitar)

- Dream a Little Dream of Me (Guitar)  



August 20, 2018

Ok, I assume no feedback is good feedback. Come on out there, show some reaction. This website is not supposed to be a one way road.

I have posted two tiny new pieces, mainly to test the new tab sheet layout.

- Happy Days are here again / Wochenend und Sonnenschein (Ukulele)

- Le Derviche Tourneur (Guitar)



August 13, 2018

Finally, I took some time to consider various complaints regarding site navigation. I was unhappy with it myself and hope it is better and more convenient now.


So what's new?

First, the main pages "Ukulele Tabs" and "Guitar Tabs" now have an overview with the entire content neatly listed in alphabetical order, plus some additional information. New entries will be highlighted in bold characters. From the list you can access the tab sheet subpages directly.

Second, a new sub-page features my Ukulele Compilations. Third, from now on the tab sheets will have a clearer layout. More on that end of the week. 


So what remains? 

Still, you can use the "Sitemap" or the "News" pages as a starting point for exploring the wonderful world of Fingerstyle-Rules. 


I would love to hear some feedback on those changes. 



August 02, 2018

It is just too hot this summer to try new stuff, so I thought I'd post one my earliest attempt on fingerpicking I can think of.

Drifter's Wife by JJ Cale. And every time I am stuck in learning a new piece, I think back on how I spent endless hours

practicing this rather simple tune and didn't see any progress.     


July 25, 2018

Proudly presenting this years holiday project after a wonderful and very inspiring summer leave on the Portuguese Western Atlantic coast: Songs from The Sea (excluding Yellow Submarine). All made up with my new-red-19 €-take away-permanently-out-of-tune but pool-proof plastic uke.  And since I was in leisure mode, I left out some of the trickier parts. This booklet contains the following songs: 

- Under the Sea

- Sea of Love

- La Mer / Beyond the Sea

- Seaside Rendezvous

- Riptide

- Love is the Seventh Wave

- (Sitting on the) Dock of the Bay

- Sailing

- Octopus’s Garden 

- Raindrops keep falling on my Head (Bonus Track)


June 30, 2018

I will be out for the next three weeks to summer leave. Have fun with this up-tempo good-time tune 

- Looking out my Back Door (Ukulele) 


June 12, 2018

Did we have Deep Purple here yet? No? I think we should ....

- When a Blind Man Cries (Guitar)  


May 24, 2018

 Simply an Amazing song. 

- Photograph (Ukulele)


May 04, 2018

 Recently watched some old DVDs, among them Wim Wenders’ documentary „Buena Vista Social Club“. Cool. 

- Chan Chan (Ukulele)


April 16, 2018

Good to hear that not even Depeche Mode can get away without at least some guitar. 

- Personal Jesus (Guitar, Drop G) 


April 11, 2018

Came to my mind after watching „A Fish called Wanda“ for the upteenth time on a rainy sunday afternoon. Great vocal performance of Kevin Kline.

And how is it possible that a country that brings out fantastic songs like this one (and many more) did not qualify for the Football World Cup?

- Volare (Ukulele)


April 04, 2018

Upon request, the ukulele version of

- Johnny and Mary (Ukulele)  


April 03, 2018 

This is another reason why I prefer instrumental music. These song „lyrics“ are plain bullshit. I have the prettiest wife on earth and

I am the happiest fellow you can imagine.  

- If you wanna be happy (Ukulele)


March 25, 2018


Nicole?  Papa?

(If you don’t know what I am talking about, you must be either very young, or American, or both. Check that phrase out on YT.) 

 - Johnny and Mary (Guitar Drop DG)


March 22, 2018

It is end of March 2018, still snowfall around here. Maybe this song helps to finally start springtime … 

- A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (Ukulele)


March 16, 2018

I get quite some friendly reminders to not neglect the traditional re-entrant ukulele tuning. Message well received ..

- Catch and Release (Ukulele)


March 11, 2018

Absolutely non-ukeable. But fun to play. 

- No Roots (Ukulele) 


March 06, 2018

Added some layout updates: 

- Samba Pa Ti (Ukulele, added second theme)

- Isn't she lovely (Ukulele)

- Que Sera, Sera (Ukulele)

- The Winner takes it all (Ukulele) 


March 01, 2018

„Into the Wild“ came to cinemas across Europe roughly ten years ago. On that occasion, I made up this  little Ukulele booklet  "Songs from the Wild" featuring my favorite songs from the movie. It contains 

- Rise

- Guaranteed

- Toulumne

- Society


February 25, 2018

Just some Sunday morning noodling around

- I'd rather go blind (Guitar)  


February 21, 2018

 Billy Joel's greatest hit. What a wonderful song.

- Just the way you are (Ukulele)


February 11, 2018

Jungle Book Double Feature: 

- Col. Hathi's March  (Ukulele) 

- My Own Home (Ukulele) 


Other Tunes from this wonderful movie are in some older posts:

- The Monkey Song (Ukulele) 

- The Monkey Song (Guitar)

- Bear Necessities (Ukulele) 

- Bear Necessities (Guitar) 


February 03, 2018

 Long time no requests. Here is one.

- Sixteen Tons (Uke)


February 02, 2018

We are not yet through with the downtuning issue, this is just to give you a break.

Finally another one-pager in regular tuning.

- Dancing in the Dark (Guitar) 


January 17,2018

You maybe think that I am exaggerating this downtuning thing.

Well, if there is one song that really needs a lower pitch, it is this one.  

- Mmmh (Guitar)


January 02,2018 

Happy New Year to all of you!

My New Years Resolution

- Don't Give Up (Ukulele)


Facebook ?   Twitter ?   LinkedIn ?   Xing ?  Instagram ?    None of it, thank you very much. I still have some friends in real life.

Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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