Toto’s smash hit back in the 80’s. Frankly speaking, the band was never among my absolute favorites. Though brillant musicians and songwriters all of them, their albums to me always sounded somewhat overproduced and polished.

There are quite many fingerstyle versions of this tune around, but none of them suits me. Either they are mumbling the melody line 

somewhere on the low end or they are just far too difficult for me. This tab is very much inspired by Yoni Schlesinger’s wonderful interpretation 

you can find on YT. One of the few ad clips I did not skip ! 


Original Key

B major



Regular, put your capo on II. for original key. 


Tab Notes

Songs like this one, with quickly repeating melody notes on the same string (like the passages „ I hear the drums…“ or „there’s nothing that a hundred man..“ )

are hard to play for me. In those cases, the workaround is to let ring the first note and replace the following ones with related notes on neighboring strings. 

I applied that cheat quite often in this tab.  

I didn’t know what to do with those two bars right before the chorus. I usually just skip them. If you want to play more faithful to the original, just strum along on B minor and mind the change in the time signature. 

The parts are

[ A ] intro

[ B ] verse

[ C ] pre-chorus verse

[ D ] chorus 


So what about the solo ? Ha, not in this life, sorry. If I could play that, and write it down, I would sell my tabs or rather go on world tour. 

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 126.4 KB

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