A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (MASCHWITZ/SHERWIN)


I find that those old time jazz style songs fit the ukulele perfectly. This wonderful tune is so very British, even though I read that it was written in France.

And, talking about geography: I have no idea why old Roddie included this in his „American Songbook“ album. 


Original Key




Low G


Tab Notes

Tabbed with the help of a piano sheet music, leaving out approx. 50% of the chord changes included there.

Still, some busy fretwork. Has three parts and some really weird harmonies. 

[ A ] intro, very rubato

[ B ] verse / chorus, nicely swinging 

[ C ] bridge (  “ … the moon that lingered over London town ..“ ) 

A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.pd
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 93.3 KB

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