Catch and Release (Matt Simons)


Matt Simons’ thoughtful and relaxed chartbreaker. 


Original Key




re-entrant, really


Tab Notes

The tab is really nothing more than the melody line with the chords on beat one of each bar. This song really doesn’t require fancy speed-picking. Just let the melody ring and keep the chords in the background. You can hold the chords a little longer than noted.  


If it has to be re-entrant, then we take full advantage of the additional melody string. Comes quite handy during the fast 16th notes in the chorus. At that one point in the final line of the pre-chorus, there is a little cheat (the A marked with the red dot is in fact one octave  lower).  


Took me some time to figure out that one Em+5 chord. At close listening to the song, you hear that there is something more to it than just a plain minor. It has an added raised fifth (c, open string). Just to be certain, I double checked the sheet music. There they call it Emb6. Should be the same thing.  


Parts are:

[ A ] intro 

[ B ] verse

[ C ] pre-chorus  (let it wash over me…)

[ D ] chorus 

[ E ] da di dum di …. 

Catch and Release.pdf
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