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December 19, 2021


Hi again and have great Christmas time.

Even though this year didn't give me much spare time to write down some more tunes, I am happy to at least post one of my  favorite Christmas melodies.  



- The First Noel (Ukulele Low G) 



May20, 2021


Dickey Betts' daughter must be very proud of her Dad. What a great melody.


- Jessica (Guitar, Drop DG) 



May 14, 2021


Currently¬†planning the¬†post-pandemic summer vacation to my favorite destination ūüáęūüá∑¬† ¬†¬†


- To France (Uke, Low G) 



May 01, 2021


Cant believe it's more than two months since my last post. But I hope this one makes up for the waiting.  


- Cant find my way Home (Guitar, Drop DG) 



February 19, 2021


Earlier last month I posted my attempt on "Clair" Here is another beautiful song by this wonderful songwriter.


- Alone Again ... naturally (Guitar) 



February 13, 2021


Here comes the proof that I am slowly going braindead in this eternal lockdown. A waltz in 2/4.  


- Flea Waltz / Flohwalzer (Jumping Flea, Low G)


And something I heard on the radio this morning and found perfect for the uke.


- Pata Pata (Ukulele, Low G) 



January 31, 2021


A tune that was released 1972 but has not lost its beauty and charm since then. 


- Clair (Gilbert O'Sullivan, Guitar)



January 02, 2021

Happy New Year everybody. 

It was really high TIME this year has come to an end. Tabbed upon kind request. 


- Time (Tom Waits, Guitar Drop D)


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