December 20, 2017



That was it for this year!

Enjoy the festive season and see you hopefully in 2018. 


- Gabriel's Oboe (Guitar DropDG) 

- Gabriel's Oboe (Ukulele) 

- Stille Nacht (Ukulele) 


December 13, 2017


- Fairytale of New York (Ukulele Low G) 


December 09, 2017


In Bavarian this goes:  " Luja sog I!  zefix Halleluja!! "

- Hallelujah (Ukulele)


December 02, 2017


 - Soleado / When a Child is born (Ukulele)


November 07, 2017


I am so glad this not autobiographical.

- In the Army now (Guitar drop DG)


October 27, 2017

A ukulele is always Good Company

- Good Company (Ukulele)


October 21, 2017

The epic album „Bat out of Hell“ by Meat Loaf / Jim Steinman was released exactly forty years ago today.

And I still cannot believe how many people  are unable to clap hands along to the outro of „You took the Words right out of my Mouth“.

Even after trying for forty years.

- Two out of Three ain't bad (Guitar)


October 09, 2017

America … my thoughts are with you after Las Vegas. 

- America (Guitar)


October 02, 2017


They don't make songs like that anymore.

- Ode to Billie Joe (Guitar Drop DG)


September 24, 2017


The meanest hookline of them all. 

- Centerfold (Guitar Drop DG)

- Centerfold (Ukulele)


September 21, 2017

A song from the time when „work-life-balance“ hadn’t even been invented.

- Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon (Ukulele)


September 13, 2017


Two versions of the same song but different tunings. 

- Danny Boy (Guitar)


September 10, 2017

After more than three years of "fingerstyle rules", my download statistics  and my Paypal account show significant discrepancies.  

Donations through the year do not even cover my annual provider fees. 

 Take this tune as a friendly reminder to please „Support Free Content“. 

If you like my stuff - which is obviously the case - click on that green button below. 

Be assured I won’t spend it on liquor and loose women. Thanks ! 

 - Nickel Song (Ukulele)


September 06, 2017


One of those covers that became more popular than the original.

(I mean Nazareth compared to Joni Mitchell. Not my version.) 

- This Flight Tonight (Guitar)


September 03, 2017


Same thing, other instrument.

- Summer Nights (Guitar)


September 01, 2017

Summer Nights are getting colder. 

- Summer Nights (Ukulele) 


August 17, 2017


Something really simple.  

- Only you can (Guitar Drop DG) 


August 07, 2017

From the Carpenters 

- Close to You (Ukulele)


July 30, 2017


Queen again. I just love this band.

- Teo Torriate / Let us Cling Together (Guitar, Drop DG)


July 26, 2017

Back in Funkytown Offenbach after countryside summer leave.  

- Funkytown (Ukulele Low G)


July 4, 2017


What else could you post on Independence Day ? This is also the start of a sequence of tabs in this wonderful tuning.  

- Stars and Stripes Forever (Guitar, Drop DG) 


July 1, 2017

A little compilation of Johnny Cash songs 

- Cash on Uke Booklet (Ukulele)


June 28, 2017

This is from my archive. Long forgotten, but still worth posting. 

- Midnight in Moscow (Guitar)


June 18, 2017

One of the most popular tunes in this collection for the other instrument. so I thought I’d uke it too. 

- True Colours (Ukulele) 


June 12, 2017

One more from the movies. From „Monsters, Inc.“, tabbed upon request with the help of a lead sheet. 

- If I didn't have you (Ukulele, Low G)


June 10, 2017

Another wonderful movie-theme 

- Driving Miss Daisy (Guitar)


June 05, 2017

Perfect uke stuff

- Love is the seventh wave (Ukulele)


June 02, 2017

Heard this recently and couldn't get it out of my head. 

- Follow Me (Ukulele)


May 20, 2017

Here comes another request

- Bella Ciao (Ukulele) 


May 07, 2017

Today is the birthday of Johannes Brahms, one of the most influental composers in my country.

Here is a double  feature of one of his well-known pieces

- Hungarian Dance #5 (Ukulele Low G)

- Hungarian Dance #5 (Guitar)  


May 02, 2017

Every now and then, the folkie side of me shines through.

- The Ballad of Mary Hamilton (Ukulele Low G) 


April 20, 2017

At my age, you rather fall in love with the shape of ukes, however, here comes your request.

- Shape of You (Ukulele, Low G)


April 17, 2017

Something I fiddled  around with over Easter. A good friend encouraged me to try that strange DADGAD tuning.

Offers a completely new range of sounds on the axe. 

- Out on the Western Plain (Guitar)


April 11, 2017

Long time no guitar stuff. Here comes one I am particularly proud of, since it seems not really suitable for fingerstyle at first glance.

But good music works in every style. 

- Heard it through the Grapevine (Guitar) 


April 09, 2017

Just had a week off and found the time to scribble down two requests. 

- Bubbly (Ukulele Low G)

- Island in the Sun (Ukulele) 


March 28, 2017

This million-seller was recorded exactly 50 years ago on March 28, 1967:

- Brown Eyed Girl (Ukulele Low G)  


March 18, 2017

Did I ever mention that Glam Rock was my first love?

- My Friend Stan (Ukulele)


March 09, 2017

Today is World Popcorn Day. Really. 

- Popcorn (Ukulele Low G)


March 05, 2017

Queen again

- Don't stop me now (Guitar)  


February 19, 2017

A little tricky, but very slow:

- Smoke gets in your Eyes (Ukulele)


February 10, 2017

Bringing you some sunshine in this long winter.

- In the Summertime (Ukulele) 


February 04, 2017

Wonderful early 70's. This song never grows old.  

- Big Yellow Taxi (Ukulele)


January 28, 2017

Desree’s chart breaker from 1995. 

- You gotta Be (Guitar)


January 22, 2017

Blues #9

Final song of our little Blues session

- San Francisco Bay Blues (Ukulele)


January 20, 2017

Blues #8

Blues only by the name. Rather a drinking ballad

- Tom Traubert's Blues | Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen (Guitar)


January 15, 2017

Blues #7

Just the right song for a grey winter sunday afternoon 

- Melancholy Blues (Guitar


January 12, 2017

- Bluesbreak - 

Hans Zimmer’s main theme of the fantastic movie Rain Main, also known as „Leaving Wallbrook / On the Road“.

- Rain Man Theme (Guitar)


January 09, 2017

Blues #6

Some more drug abuse glorification. 

- Cocaine Blues (Guitar)

- Cocaine Blues (Ukulele, Low G)


January 06, 2017

Blues #5

Something I made up a long time ago but never wrote down. 

- Cocaine (Guitar)


January 03, 2017

Blues #4

Starting the new year with a double feature of a real nice ragtime-folk-blues standard. 

- Careless Love (Guitar) 

- Careless Love (Ukulele)

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