Nazareth’s „Loud ’n’ Proud“ from 1973 was one of my first long-players, and by the time it knocked me off my feet. And what a beautiful cover artwork ! 

Even though you can tell that the album was banged together hastily to keep up the commercial success of its predecessor „Razamanaz“: A little more than 30 minutes total runtime, half of which is taken up by the three cover songs (Dylan, Little Feat and this one).  However, their three-chord rendition of Joni Mitchell’s „This Flight Tonight“ is an all-time great. I never thought of trying this in fingerstyle until I heard the un-plugged version at a friend’s house recently.    


Original Key



Dropped DG


Tab Notes

Either you find a partner for the „tack - tack-a-tack“ shuffle rhythm, or you play it in a mid-tempo laid back folk-blues style with 

some slaps on the usual beats 2 and 4 every now and then. I do that. A different feel then, but sounds quite nice. 


[ A ] contains two variations of the verse, 

[ B ] is the chorus. 

[ C ] A third variation of the verse (the one that contains the „goodbye baby, baby bye bye“ rhythm change) is tabbed on the second page. Watch the bass !

This Flight Tonight.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 422.8 KB

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