A little collection of traditional christmas songs from my country or elsewhere


Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen

Christmas carol from 1599. Very old, very beautiful. 


Tochter Zion

Based on a melody by Georg Friedrich Händel from around 1820.

Funny to me that in some countries this is a Christian Easter Hymn („Thine is the Glory“).


Stille Nacht 

The mother of all Christmas Carols. Included two versions. One of them can be played by

anyone regardless of skill level. It is taking the song title literally. 


White Christmas

Irving Berlin's classic Christmas song. I spiced it up a little in the

lower register. See how you find it. 


Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

Traditional German Advent Hymn, initially a pilgrimage song. 


Happy Xmas (War is over) 

Yoko and me have one thing in common, none of us can sing. 


Mary's Boy Child

This is not heard so often in my country. Such a cute melody.


The First Noel

Traditional English Christmas Carol, so beautiful.  


Stille Nacht (Silent Version).pdf
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