LazIng on a Sunday Afternoon (Queen)


A genuine twenties vaudeville style piece, hardly one minute long. Comes along so naive and harmlessly, 

but in fact this is full of tricky bits and finger stretching.    


Original Key




Low G, re-entrant works fine 


Tab Notes

Even though very short, I abridged it even further by leaving out the guitar solo at the end .

I play it a bit slower than on the record, doesn’t do bad. I would play original tempo if I could. 


Has some different parts with lots of chords: 

- four bar intro

- eight bar verse

- four bar bridge „bicycling on …“  - notes in diamonds are natural harmonics

- interlude, played very freely „I come from London town…. „

- a-tempo, repeating the second half of the verse and ending.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 154.8 KB

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