One of Brian May’s numerous masterpieces, this time featuring the ukulele in an „authentic“ jazz-band environment. Hard to imagine that all the Dixieland clarinets, trumpets, slide trombones etc. are all played on the Red Special and overdubbed note by note. The song and its making disclose such a deep dedication and love for music, just wonderful. 


Original Key




Low G / Regular works


Tab Notes

No fingerstyle, rather a strummed chord solo with some tricky bits. Throughout slightly palm-muted.

Some parts are, like so often, badly stripped and butchered. The entire tune is full of wonderful variations, 

fillers and tiny little melody snippets. I have tabbed only some of them for the second verse. 

Here is the original sequence:


[ A ] Intro (Bells)

[ B ] Verse

[ C ] Chorus 

[ A ] Verse (including the fills) 

[ C ] Chorus 

[ A ] Intro (Bells)

[ D ] Bridge 1 („now marriage is an institution…“)

[ B ] Verse (alternative ending, not tabbed)

[ E ] Solo Strumming, only played on high strings 

[ F ] Bridge 2 (slowing down towards the end)

[ B ] Verse (second alternative ending, not tabbed) 

[ G ] Outro (abbreviated)

[ A ] Intro / Ending

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