Bella Ciao (Trad.)


The hymn of the anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy between 1943 and 1945, based on an Italian folk song and tabbed upon request. 


Original Key

Anything but Gm ....



Low G preferred, regular works


Tab Notes

Easy start, later on requiring some rather uncommon voicings of the Gm and D7 chord (see chord shape diagrams).

During these chord shapes (in the boxes), the left hand pinky is moving up to  the VI. fret for the melody notes. 


Towards the end, I got a little carried away. In the final chord sequence, one would expect a Bbdim7 instead of the Adim7. 

I like it better this way, it brings in a little more tension. However, the Bbdim7 (same chord shape, one fret higher) works just as fine.

As always, try for yourself.

Bella Ciao.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 141.3 KB

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