Silver Thunderbird (Marc Cohn)


From the debut album of Marc Cohn, a wonderful songwriter. This tune indeed reminds me me of my late grandfather and his daily routine of maneuvering his bulky vintage Mercedes in and out of our narrow backyard. That car would cost a fortune these days, just to fuel it.

By the way, I am not into cars at all, but you better not touch my bicycle.


Original Key




Drop D


Tab Notes

Some tricky chord positions due to the down-tuning. And it is played very freely, with lots of uncounted little pauses, some note held a little longer than noted and chord changes on the weirdest beats. You will have to listen to the original to get a feel for it. 

After the intro, the parts are:  [ A ] verse,  [ B ] bridge and [ C ] chorus.

Silver Thunderbird.pdf
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