George Michael’s smash hit from 1984. This ballad is a wonderful example for a steady chord progression throughout intro, verse and chorus. The four chords are repeated  over and over and support the beautiful melody line perfectly, without being too dominant or „predictable“. 

And, by the way, forget about the lyrics („guilty feet ?“). Even the author himself does not like them.

Original Key



Dropped D

Tab Notes

Transposed to A minor, that gives me three open bass string root notes. It is intro [ A ], verse [ B ] and chorus [ C ]. The third verse [ B’ ] is originally one octave higher and in a different feel. I tried that and for me it didn’t sound right. Oh yes, and actually the chord progression is a little simplified too: In the last beat of the Dm7 bar, there is an Em7 transition chord. I left that out, but of course you can add it in if you want (the positions are noted in grey).

Careless Whisper.pdf
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