Some weeks ago I tried to get some information / review / experience on the RISA Electric Ukulele (bought it - a wonderful toy). A friendly forum member recommended to check out the „Friends of Old Puppy“ videos on YT. Awesome !  One of the songs they play is Blondie’s „Heart of Glass“. I always liked this pop gem, but never thought of transferring it to ukulele. 





Original Key



Tab  Notes

Total of five parts:

Intro [ A ] is best played strummed on the lower three strings, except for the last two notes. The intro riff can also be used as a filler where ever you find it appropriate. The Verse [ B ] requires a little effort of the pinky to play the high melody note. Chorus [ C ], Instrumental Break [ D ] and the „ooh-oh - whoo - ah“ Outro [ E ] are best fingerpicked. 

Interesting is the changing of measures in the instrumental break. As always, keep the rhythm during long notes and breaks by strumming. 

Heart of Glass.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 150.9 KB

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