Another chanson of the great Edith Piaf, published in 1960. Mega-seller in my country, but totally flopped in the US for reasons beyond my grasp. 


Original Key

D major


gCEA (well, not really ….. see Tab Notes)

Tab Notes 

The song is comprising two completely different parts: The up-tempo chorus [ A ] with the well known melody and the less popular verse [ B ] which is played quite freely and modulates to F minor.

The two red Db at the end of the verse are originally one octave lower, so, taking this tab business seriously - which I don’t -  the song would require a low-G tuning. At least when you want to  play it in the easy key of F.  As so often, I cheated a little, but

- Hardly anyone knows the verse of the song

- I hate this stupid rockstar habit of permanently changing the instruments. 

- What the heck for two notes ??

So get wise, Milord.

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 422.2 KB

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