Nik Kershaw. Absolutely Eighties. I got his first album as a present back then. No joke: A friend of mine wanted to get the new Nick Cave record as a gift for someone but couldn’t remember the name of the artist correctly. Finally she left the store with Nik Kershaw’s „Human Racing“  instead. However, she gave the CD to me. I like it very much and would not trade it for any sinister Nick Cave record. „The Riddle“ is the title track of  Kershaw's second album. 


Original Key

F# minor





Tab Notes

Oh my. That simple tune with the innocent chorus line changes key twice within less than four minutes. Transposed to G minor (which seemed a good starting point) the song goes


Gminor: Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Chorus

modulates to F#major: Bridge

modulates to G# minor: Chorus - Chorus - End 


That is too much for me. The problem is that the bridge leads quite naturally to the key modulation half step up. I lowered the bridge half step down (starting with the red-marked notes), enabling me to play the bridge in F and the outro choruses again in Gm. Don’t worry, nobody will notice.

Numbering of the parts is [ A ] for chorus,  [ B ] for verse and  [ C ] for the bridge. At the end, the „high note part“ of the chorus is repeated twice.



The Riddle.pdf
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