74 - 75 (ThE CONNELLS)


74 - 75  by The Connells is one of my all time favourites. A killer tune, as you often have with one-hit wonders. Puzzling lyrics again, but lyrics are overrated anyway. 

Original Key 

G# minor



Tab Notes

Tabbed at half speed for better readability. During the melody breaks, there is some ad-lib strumming, Sorry, I was too lazy to write this down. The chorus [ B ] comes in two variations. At the end of the bridge [ C ]  it would require a low G. But since I mostly play in regular tuning I have to cheat and play one octave up. That does not sound original, but ok. The original sequence is (just for reference)  

Intro (2x) - A - B - A - C - B - B’ 

Intro (2x) - [ Guitar Solo ] - A - C - B - B’ - B - B’ [ fade ]

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 152.4 KB

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