Catchy hookline and a nice lightly shuffling rhythm. One of the songs you can’t stop humming. 


Original Key




Low G 


Tab Notes

This is another „melody strum“. The underlying groove is noted on the bottom of the sheet. I play this rhythm (palm muted) in the melody pauses of the verse (that is tabbed), and also (in fragments) during the melody. But that would have been to confusing to write down.  The first bar of the bridge [ B ] is quite tricky, I admit. For the sake of playbility, we leave out the low root note of the Am (the chord shape is a Gm moved up two frets), pinky stretches to the high e (VII. on the first string). That long „N.C.“ pause after the bridge is only played once in the original song (all other times, just leave out the half rest). I find it a very efficient stylistic device, if you don’t overdo it. I was just too lazy to write two versions of that part. 

River of Dreams.pdf
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