La Vie en Rose (Edith Piaf)


Signature chanson of the great Edith Piaf. According to some sources the first song ever written or co-written by her. If that is true, chapeau. Wonderful melodyline. I believe this one should really be sung, but for those of us not blessed with a nice singing voice (including Grace Jones, haha),  I tried a little instrumental arrangement. 


Original Key






Tab Notes

The [ A ] part is the not very well known intro of the tune, played rubato with "uncounted" breaks after each phrase. 

In the first six bars of the [ B ] part, the G chord position remains, while the pinky is doing most of the melody work. During the G6 part, alternatively you can play an e (2nd fret D-string) as the alternating bass. Some difficult fingering at the C6 (index barre on the third fret, third finger barring 5th fret on D, G and B string plus pinky on the first string for the melody).


Beaucoup de plaisir !



May 26, 2016: Minor correction (impossible fingering during A7 at the end)

G_La Vie en Rose_v2a.pdf
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