You and Me (In My Pocket)   (MILOW)


I discovered Milow by accident. He was playing in my hometown and a friend of mine had a spare ticket. Best things in life are free, so I went there and immediately liked this sympathetic and talented young singer and songwriter from Belgium. You have to see Milow and his band live, he’s a real performer. Unfortunately his records are produced a bit too mainstream to my taste.
„You and Me“ (in my Pocket) is one of his most popular songs. Very catchy melody that is varied quite often, mainly in the verse. The song has a light-hearted spirit that makes it perfect for our beloved little instrument.

Original Key

F# (in Germany we call it graveyard key - crosses everywhere) 


Regular gCEA

Tab Notes 

All except the bridge [E] is based on the one turnaround which is introduced in the [A] part. There is one tricky part in the Instrumental break [C], requiring two fast pull-offs. The whole tune can also be played in a mix of picking and strumming. The parts can be combined as you like, the original sequence is  A - B - C - B - D - C - B - B - D - C - E - B - B - D - C - C  (forget it, just play along)

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