Definitely one of the greatest Rock’n Roll songs ever written. Read Nick Hornby’s opening chapter of „31 Songs“  - I have nothing to add. This milestone seems to never lose its magic. Tabbed upon request. 


Original Key




Re-entrant is fine, I prefer Low G


Tab Notes

Exceptional songs ask for exceptional action. Compared to most other stuff on this site, this one is 

- fully tabbed (140 bars on six pages) 

- comprising seven different parts 

- includes the lyrics (for singers, and for orientation for the rest of us)

- for those of you who can sing it, I have to admit that the [ F ] part is really better strummed. 


The tab is a mix of melody, harmony vocals and the attempt to imitate some of Roy Bittan’s brillant piano accompaniment. The unusual notation of the eights (most of the times 3-3-2 instead of 4-4) is helping me to stay close to the original accentuation. 

Thunder Road.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.5 MB

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