Stand By Your Man (Tammy Wynette)


I came across Tammy Wynette’s original „Stand By Your Man“ by chance. It is the title song of  „Dittsche“, a brillant German comedy series. I also recommend the outstanding „Good ol' Blues Brothers Boys Band“ performance of the tune in Bob’s Country Bunker. 


Original Key

A (not 100% uke friendly).



gCEA (I suppose it would work even better with low G)


Tab Notes

The verse [A] is not really "made" for the Ukulele, but I tried my best.  Also in the chorus [B], the „when nights are cold and lonely“ - sequence originally goes deep down, but the tonal range of the uke (in regular tuning) doesn’t allow for that. So I play it one octave up, which leads nicely to the second part of the chorus.  There are also some licks in the tab that do not belong to the sung melody line, but are essential for the song. Those are marked red. Except for the pinky-stretch in the fourth bar of the chorus, it is quite easy. It was difficult to make this fit on one page - please excuse the odd number of bars in some lines. 


Sometimes it's hard to be a man, too. 

Stand by your Man.pdf
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