Penny Lane (LENNON / McCartney)


Some years ago I came across a podcast series named "Beatles complete on Ukulele". Weekly (!!) there was one Beatles song published featuring the Ukulele (in all styles from folk to reggae to hiphop, all by different artists), until the entire setlist of the Fab Four was done. Absolutely fantastic. And the version of Penny Lane (by Gerald Ross, I think) was among my favorites. 

Original Key




Regular gCEA (should also work with low G)


Tab Notes

Of course this is not the Gerald Ross version. Who do you think I am ? The chords indicated are from the songbook, if you want to play this as a duet. When solo, there is no need to make things too complicated. Just finger what is on the tab sheet, that is fine. During the long notes keep the rhythm by strumming the chords.

After several repetitions, the final chorus modulates up one note. Before that, skip the bar with the red "x" and continue with [B'].  


Penny Lane_v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 156.5 KB

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