Initially the music for Henrik Ibsen’s stage play Peer Gynt (premiered 1876). More than ten years later, Edvard Grieg extracted some movements from the original score into the two Peer Gynt Suites No.1 and No.2. Particular Suite No.1, apart from the well known „Hall of the Mountain King“, comprises some really beautiful melodies. And another 130 years later, a megalomaniac German freak ripped out some melody fragments of this masterpiece for solo ukulele. 


Original Keys

Morning Mood: E major

Åse’s Death : B minor

Anitra's Dance: A minor

In the Hall of the Mountain King: B minor



Low G


Tab Notes

Needless to mention that all of the four movements are heavily simplified, abridged and shrunk to fit the tonal range limitations of the Ukulele. Notes in brackets can be left out.  


Morning Mood: Even if the original performance notes say „Allegretto Pastorale“, I would not play it too fast. Such a sweet melody!  Not too difficult. The note with the red dot in the last line is a cheat - the original goes to low for the uke.   


Åse’s Death: Very sinister and mournful. Let ring everything, very slow. Some difficult chord voicings, but generally feasible. Only the first part tabbed, this one is getting really atonal towards the end.   


Anitra's Dance: A light Mazurka. Again only the main motifs tabbed. After the second part, the main theme modulates happily through almost any key you can think of. Too much for a simple uke player. And yes, third bar in the fifth line (starting from the Bb) is initially one octave higher. 


In the Hall of the Mountain King: Ok, you know this one. 

U_Peer Gynt Suite_Fragments.pdf
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