Love of my Life (Queen)


Schmaltz for the one, masterpiece for the other, goosebump-alarm for me. I love it since I saw a full Wembley Stadium singing along to it (on TV). I always thought that the guitar arrangement I have made long time ago should be transferred to the uke, but faced some difficulties. Anyhow it was worth a try. Hope you like it.





Original Key

F (live version: D)


Tab Notes

In all not very difficult, but some chord and time changes. The underlined notes (in the fillers) are originally one octave higher, but that played on the uke would go into regions that only your dog could hear.

Many of the chords should be played arpeggiated, this comes close to the harp sound that is used mainly in the intro and the outro.

I have skipped the guitar solo part before the outro. Honestly, I did not find a way to make it sound right so I play "ad lib" over the six bars or just continue directly with the outro.

Love of my Life.pdf
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