Je t'aime moi non plus (Serge Gainsbourg)


Oh la la. I suppose this one did not have much airplay in the late sixties, but nonetheless sold over four million copies.

Just an aside: With all the wonderful music that comes from France, sometimes I wonder why this country does not play a greater role in pop culture. I believe it is the language that precludes francophone artists from the international ( = Anglo-American) music business. The British journalist Robert Chalmers once wrote about the artist: "Gainsbourg has been cursed by an attribute which has proved a more powerful hindrance to rock stardom than being blind, tone-deaf or dead; that most fatal of adjectives, French." 

However, with this song, Gainsbourg has found a way to overcome that obstacle. You must not understand every word to detect what this is all about. Never mind, this is an instrumental.


Original Key

Often performed in B.E.D.  :-)



Regular gCEA (also works with low G)


Tab Notes

Easy. Maybe the high G7-chord position (the „G-spot“ haha) right before the [B] part is likely to interrupt the jingling along. Some fast pull-offs in the middle, but that's it.

Je t'aime (moi non plus).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 124.9 KB

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