I Follow Rivers (Triggerfinger)


One of the coolest covers ever. I love the strong contrast between the verse, that mainly consists of muttered phrases and the catchy chorus.


Original Key




Regular gCEA (for low G tuning see Tab notes)


Tab Notes

This tab has cultivated the art of reduction. Please keep in mind that the verse [A] is not really a melody, but an improvisation over the chord change Gm | Dm. After each fragment, there is a full void bar, that needs to be filled by strumming, percussive elements (e.g. thumb tapping on the uke body) or whatever you like. At the end of line four, the verse builds up some melodic structure that leads towards the chorus. In the last bar of the verse, you can alternatively play a Dm as the underlying chord, but I prefer to maintain the F.

The chorus [B] is self explaining. In low G tuning, the second part of the first bar must be played from the standard Bb -chord position ("follow" played 1st string 1-3).

I Follow Rivers.pdf
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