Fly me to the Moon (Bart Howard)


Here is maybe the catchiest hookline ever written. Originally in 3/4 time. Covered by almost everyone. If there ever was a tune that deserves the honour of being labelled a „jazz standard“, this is the one. There is obviously a verse to it, but I cannot remember.


Original Key

Don’t know.



Regular gCEA (also works with low G)


Tab Notes

Simple, you need to add some fills during the long notes. I am not definitely sure about the Gm6, but it sounds ok for me.


Don’t bore us, get to the chorus !



May 27, 2016: This is by far the most downloaded song from this entire collection. So I at least gave it a nicer look, it still is the basic melody. 


Fly me to the Moon v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 279.2 KB

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