This post is a little late for the party, Bobby McFerrin turned 65 last week, on March 13. He will not read this, but Happy Birthday anyway.     

Meanest kind of a sticky hookline. And so completely different from the rest of Bobby Mc Ferrin’s „usual“, more complex stuff. First ever a-capella Number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100. Triple Grammy winner in 1989. What do we learn from that? Keep it simple !! 

Original Key

Don’t know. I’ve read its Bmajor.


Low G

Tab Notes

Tabbed straight, but in fact has a light shuffle feel. And just the essential chords noted, there is a little more to it. I just would like to draw your attention to the melody in the sixth bar of the chorus (during the G). I have seen and heard this part being played wrongly so often, and I usually ain't picky, but half a note really makes a difference. The verse comes in two versions, the higher one leaves more room for the chords, the lower one is much easier (and the in range of the original song).   

Don't Worry Be Happy.pdf
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