A wonderful tune by Robbie Williams. A cover of it is used as a hymn on my football team, with some very nice Hessian "fantasy" lyrics:

„De' OFC werd widder Deutscher Meister, des is e Sach die weiss mer, nur wann des weiß mer net“


Original Key

E Mayor



regular or low G


Tab notes 

Play very gentle and slow (approx. 76 bpm) and focus on the melody. A little difficult to tab since the piano accompaniment is more or less straight quarters, while the vocal line is somewhat „meandering“ around it. If you approach the piece slowly, you will get along.

Has some unusual fingering in line 4 (starting from Bb), because I find it important to let the notes ring into each other. In this part, you can alternatively play the open a-string instead of c-string fourth fret. Note that the second verse [ A’ ] is shorter then the first one.

Further, I have left out the instrumental orchestra part. For those of you interested it is  | C | Gm | Dm | C | repeated four times. 

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 253.3 KB

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