American Tune (Paul Simon)

About the Song

Alright, even if the main melody line in fact is a „German Tune“ (google for details, see here ), Paul Simon’s interpretation of it is just beautiful. Interesting structure - no chorus, only verses [A] and bridge [B].


Original Key

C - fingerpicker’s paradise.



Regular gCEA (should also work with low G)


Tab Notes

„Many’s the time I’ve been mistaken …“ Just like me trying to find out how this works. Lots of chord movement and time changes. Some tricky parts, but feasible, if you play it slowly as it should be played. However, I tried to fully tab it and hope that it sounds alright for you. 


The perfect soundtrack for your midlife-crisis. 


American Tune.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 119.6 KB

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