All and More (Ryan Sheridan)


This is one of the softer tunes from Ryan Sheridan’s phantastic debut album „The day you live forever“. If you haven’t heard of this young artist from Ireland before, you really should.  



gCEA, low G also works


Original Key

C# mayor 


Tab Notes

No "real" fingerstyle this time. Throughout played from the first (open) position chords, with a driving 1/8 down-strum rhythm, slightly palm-muted. Four parts , Instrumental Intro [ A ] , the verse [ B ], chorus [ C ] - all the same chord progression - and the bridge [ D ]. As for the bridge, I don’t know if I got the chords absolutely right. If anyone out there knows better, give me a hint. The sequence is 

[ A ] - [ B ] - [ C ] - [ A ] - [ B ] - [ C ] - [ D ] - [ C ] 

All and More.pdf
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